How To Stick To Your Goals During The Holidays

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.”
– Frank Llloyd Wright

You know the situation all too well.  You’re trying to accomplish any number of common goals – lose weight, workout regularly,  declutter, stop drinking, climb out of debt – and then the holidays come around and you get derailed for a month and a half.  

If you’re in the U.S., it starts with Thanksgiving dinner.  

Office holiday parties.

Buying gifts, relatives bringing gifts, Christmas, New Year’s – and before you know it, you’re back where you started:

  • Your hard fought weight loss wiped  out
  • Your promise to yourself to meditate every day a distant memory
  • The house is filled with even more stuff you need to find a place for

And then, New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that 25% of resolutions are broken in the first two weeks? I’ll share more info about that with you when it gets closer

The holidays are a time for friends, family and celebration – but they can wreak havoc on your personal goals.  

It’s not hopeless though. Here are five strategies I employ which help me stick with my goals – even during the holidays.

Take Advantage Of Tradition

Don’t fight it – use the holidays to your advantage by accomplish goals in line with tradition

  • Quality Time With Family. I discovered when I researched my article about how to make more time for yourself that 90% of people wished they had more time to spend with friends and family.  So why not take advantage of the holidays (children out of school, federal holidays, relatives visiting) to spend more time with your friends and family?
  • Volunteer Opportunities. I know I often wish I could do more for those less fortunate than myself.  The holidays provide many excellent opportunities to volunteer with local groups, whether it’s serving Thanksgiving dinner or donating toys.
  • Donate and Clear Clutter. One of my favorites – I use winter as a time to donate my excess items (especially clothes) to charities that help the needy.  Not only do they go to a good cause, but it helps me clean out my home. 

Plan For Failure

I generally eat very clean and healthy – no alcohol, no sugar, lots of fresh vegetables and lean meats.  

However, I know that at Thanksgiving dinner I’m going to want to eat some mashed potatoes, gravy and my favorite – pumpkin pie.

So I plan for failure.  Knowing that I’m going to eat unhealthily that day, I make sure to eat extra strict in the week leading up to it.

The net result? Even though Thanksgiving dinner may sidetrack my goals, by planning for the failure I’ll be able to minimize the damage – and enjoy my dinner guilt free.

Get Your Family On Board

As some of you may know, I’ve been reducing unnecessary commitments as well as my possessions – and I’ve talked to my family about it and they’re on board with my goals.

Though they may not be changing their lives in the same direction as I am, just knowing my stance means I no longer receive Christmas gifts that I won’t use.  

Your friends and family are supportive, and will support your goals – as long as you tell them about it and get them on board.

Be Proactive

You know there is a lot of tasty, unhealthy food at holiday meals. Rather than accept what’s going to happen, I try to proactively thinking about what a solution might be – rather than just complaining about the situation.  

For example, at pot lucks I bring salads, fresh fish, healthy wraps, etc.  Even if nobody else brings something I can fit into my diet, I’m in control of what I’m going to eat.

It’s A Challenge

Finally, if all else fails and the deck is stacked against you – don’t fear it, embrace the challenge!  

Self-discipline, willpower is like a muscle – you can exercise and strengthen it.

So rather than dreading the holidays as a time that will wear you down with your goals, I try to mentally spin them as a challenge.  

I tell myself that if I can get through December without eating cookies, for example, then the rest of the year is going to be easy.  

It’s like my own personal willpower bootcamp.  

Strengthening my willpower muscles at this time of year means that they can easily handle anything that is thrown at me during the other 11 months of the year.

Final Thoughts

Another perspective a friend brought up is that it may just be too much work and not worth the extra stress to try and stick to some of our goals during the holidays.  

I think there’s definitely some validity to that point as well.

Me personally? I like to be as consistent as I can – but I don’t worry about it if I occasionally don’t eat well, or stay out too late due to the holidays. Enjoying my life, and spending time with people that matter to me is high on my list of priorities as well!

Take Action Today

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