About Sid Savara

Let me give it to you in the third person…

Sid Savara is the creator of The Action Solution and The Outsource Solution.  Over the past decade he has helped thousands of people improve their lives.  Sid has been cited and mentioned on CBS, Inc., Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and The Washington Post.

After spending time in Europe, Asia and North America, Sid currently resides in no continent at all in Hawai’i with his family.

He is a life-long learner and in his free time enjoys developing software, playing guitar and watching football and basketball.

Why I Started Writing

The reason I started writing here was because I was tired of seeing people writing (and spreading) flat our wrong advice online.

Advice that sounds good on paper, that makes people feel warm and tingly inside – and then doesn’t work.

I was frustrated people would follow what I knew was bad advice, and then fail – just as I had followed bad advice and failed in the past.

So I began to write and share what I had learned from trying, succeeding and failing over the years.

What I Love Most

I’m not the type of person who can sit on a couch and do nothing my whole life.

I love to make things happen.

And if there is one thing I obsess about…it is this: time

Time is the most valuable asset you have in your life. And yet people waste it, people let it slip away – and then they regret and wonder “where did the time go.”

Every day of my life, I think about my time and how to best use it.

And that’s what I want to share with you.

Whether it’s research on how to make the best use of your time, how to free up more time or how to manage yourself so you prioritize your time – that’s what this website is about.

Some of my favorite books and movies? What else – stories about the impact of our actions and time. The Butterfly Effect, In Time, Back to The Future and Click are a few movies I really enjoy.

Want To Get In Touch?

  • Reach out to me at contact@sidsavara.com (as long as it’s not asking for a link or a guest post)
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