Product Review Policy

Do You Really Review All The Products?

  • Every product reviewed on is an actual product I have used (or in the case of a book, read).
  • If I have mentioned a book in passing in an article, generally it means I have read the whole book. Occasionally, I will quote from a book while I am in the process of reading it.

Do You Accept Payment For Reviews?

I do not accept payment for reviews. I do however promote items I believe in through affiliate programs. For example, if you click through and purchase a book through Amazon after reading a review on my site,  I get a small percentage (4-6%).  Believe me, it’s not worth the trouble to write product reviews as in depth as I do for that small a cut.

I Have A Product I Think Your Readers Would Like – Will You Review It?

If you have a product (in particular, books and information products) that you think would be beneficial to my readers then please – first read the guidelines below. Then, at the bottom you’ll find my contact information.

Emails that clearly have not read the guidelines will be summarily deleted and ignored, with no response from me.

What Kind Of Products Do You Review?

Generally speaking, if you have a product in the personal development space (which is a pretty broad space), I’m open to considering reviewing it.  I prefer to review products with affiliate programs so that if I do enjoy the product, I may promote it on my website.  I review products without affiliate programs as well (for example, RescueTime) because I want to put my readers’ interests first.

How About I Send You My Pre-Written Review?

There is a lot of junk out there on the internet – fake reviews, paid reviews, etc.  Let me be clear:

  • I will not copy and paste your sales marketing speak.
  • I will not accept guest posts as reviews.
  • I do not write paid reviews.
  • I will not accept compensation for reviews.

When Will The Product Be Reviewed?

  • The product will be reviewed as time allows.  Sometimes I review in as little as a week, sometimes a month, sometimes a year and sometimes I just never get around to the product.

Where Will My Review Be Placed? Will You Publish it as a regular blog post on the front page?

  • Most products will be linked to in the products reviews page.
  • At my discretion, if I like a product, I will promote it as an affiliate in my sidebar
  • At my discretion, I may publish it in a blog post.  There is no guarantee your product will ever be mentioned on the front page.
  • At my discretion, I may recommend your product to my email list.

What Happens With The Products I Send You?

If a product is sent to me:

  • There is no expectation that I will necessarily review it in a timely manner
  • If I decide the product is poor/a poor fit for my audience, I will, at my discretion, simply not review it
  • I will not return any products I am given. Generally, in the case of physical products, I pass them on to friends or donate them.

Great, Can I Use Your Review and Picture In My Promotion Materials?

I retain all rights to any review I write. You may not use my name to promote your product without my prior consent. You may not use my likeness to promote your product without my prior consent.

Really, it’s not that complicated. If you contact me, and the product sounds like a good fit for my audience AND I have time to review it, I’ll check it out.  If it’s not, or you try something shady, then we won’t get along.  All set?  Head on over to my contact form and shoot me an email.