Sid’s Journal Entries

What Are Sid’s Journal Entries?

Sid’s Journal Entries are notes taken straight out of Sid’s Journal – a physical, tattered, paper journal with real pen and pencil writing.

How Close Are They To The Real Thing?

They are usually unedited except for occasional punctuation, and portions where I remove excessively personal information.  The grammar and general structure of the entries is far more free flowing than a typical article I would write, since they are often dashed off in 10 minutes of inspiration.

When Does Sid Write Them?

All the time. Sometimes I write them late at night, early in the morning, after lunch…and very often when I wake up with ideas in the middle of the night.

Who Are They For?

These entries are all personally written from me, and usually to nobody in particular (occasionally, I do write to myself). It’s just whatever I happened to be thinking about at the time, and that I had to put to paper.  99% of my entries are private and never shared with anyone.

What’s The Point?

I think sometimes when I write my pure thoughts on paper, unedited, the real truth comes out – and it’s up to you whether the lessons I’ve learned that day apply to your life or not.

Where Can I Get More?

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