Comment Policy

Thank You – I Appreciate Your Comments

First off, I want you to know I appreciate your comments.  Regardless of whether we share an opinion, or differ on it, I appreciate your discourse.  I read every single comment, even if I do not always individually reply. 

Why A Comment Policy?

 For 99% of my comm enters, there is practically no need to have a comment policy – etiquette, good manners and decency have often prevailed.  I have occasionally had to delete comments and counsel individual readers on what is and is not appropriate on  Rather than continue this practice, I have decided to put up a policy.  If you still have questions, feel free to email me via

Ahem, What About My Free Speech?

I will never deny anyone right to free speech. Feel free to say what you want on your own blog.

Keep Your Comment Clean

No vulgar words, no swearing, no innuendo.

No Personal Attacks

Comment on the article, and on the points made in other comments. 

Use Your Real Name

Please don’t comment as “Flat Panel TVs” or “Success Online.”  Use your real name – not your product.  If you aren’t willing to put a real name behind your comment, it will most likely be deleted.

Please – No Links

I’ve been tolerant and fairly lenient in the past, but as of about February 2009, my kindness has started to be abused.  Note that when you comment, your name appears as a link to your website.  Should someone desire to read further information about you, they will click on that link. There is no need to link to your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace page in the comments.  If you post a link that is exceptionally relevant, I may not delete it.  More often than not, however, I am fickle and will delete the comment without even reading the linked to article. If you have something you feel is relevant, email me via  If you have written a response to one of my articles, note that your your trackback will appear below the comments.  I often read those, and when relevant, will highlight those articles for my readers.

Keeps Comments Relevant and On Topic

Sometimes comments have a tendency to go off topic. This is a murky area, so use your best judgment.  If a comment thread appears to be going off on a tangent, I may or may not kill it.

Keep Comments Polite

You know what I mean.  If you don’t, or are unsure, please don’t comment.

Comments Can, Will, and Have Been Removed

Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned.  

Can I “Borrow” Your Comment Policy?

As long as a link is provided to this original policy, this comment policy may be reused in whole or in part. .  Anywhere you reuse this policy, please link back to the original policy at