You Can Have Everything You Want, But You Can’t Have It “All”

Related to the previous issue, why was it that I sometimes did not have time for friends and family? I was “too busy.” Too busy doing what, exactly? Too busy trying to “do it all” – because that’s what society conditions us to believe, that we can have it all. There’s a couple things that have contributed to it recently. …

How To Improve Willpower: 7 Keys To Better Self Discipline


Willpower. Self-control. Self discipline.  These are many names that all mean the same thing: having the mental strength and attitude to consciously do the things you know you must do. Yes – even when you don’t emotionally want to.

When you learn how to improve your willpower, you learn how to strengthen a skill that helps across your live. Improved willpower is associated with being happier, scoring higher on standardized tests and earning more money.  Willpower is also highly correlated with accomplishing personal goals.

What you may not know however, is that willpower is a resource that you can call upon – and at the same time, it is also a skill that you can  improve.

I’ll show you seven scientific, research backed way you can improve your own personal self discipline today

The “Wrong Way” To Build A “Successful” Business

While having dinner with a friend, he was practically in tears at how his business was doing.  His family life was suffering, he was staying up late at night stressed out and I could tell he wasn’t caring for himself.  He wasn’t sleeping much, he wasn’t eating well – and it seemed like he was on the edge of collapse.

Why you might ask, was this happening?  Was he losing clients too quickly?  Was his business on its last legs?

No…it was thriving and more profitable than ever.

And that was the problem.

The Biggest Mistake I Made In My Life

There are many mistakes I have made in my life.  I hope that as I have learned from them, the lessons I’ve shared so far will help you avoid the pain and regret that follows from them.

Today I want to share the biggest mistake I made with you.

The Importance Of Situational Understanding

Before I tell you, let me share with you how I got here.  Without understanding this, you may read it and not fully absorb how important it is.

See, that’s the thing about some of the most profound lessons in our lives: it takes more than just being told a lesson, to really understand the lesson.

We have to learn them at just the right time, in just the right context, or it doesn’t actually sink in and make any difference.

Your mentors may tell you this lesson in passing, but without a proper frame of mind to accept it, you won’t realize just how powerful it is and brush it off.

The SECOND Biggest Mistake…

And in fact, that may be the second biggest mistake I have ever made in my life:

Ignoring good advice, believing it didn’t apply to me, because I was not yet ready to receive it – and wasting years of my life until I finally came around and understood how valuable that information was.

Time Famine: Because Time is What People Desire Even More Than Wealth

Since 1972, Pew Research has conducted surveys on how happy people are. And you know what they’ve found?

Over time, half the people report feeling so-so, about a third are very happy, and about a fifth are not too happy.

The results are remarkably consistent across the decades.

The question is, if you’re not happy – how can you get into that top group? And if you’re already there – how can you stay there?

Well you can’t buy your way into it.

The study suggests in most cases…

Money is Not What we Desire to Make us Happy

So what is it?

A successful career?  Family?  Children?

These are all 2-4 on the list.

No, there is one thing that we crave more than anything else.

I’m not discounting how important family and contributing meaningfully to society is.

Rather – this survey highlights a real problem that we haven’t solved yet.

6 Bald Faced Time Management Lies

“”Everything requires time. It is the only truly universal condition.

All work takes place in time and uses up time.

Yet most people take for granted this unique, irreplaceable, and necessary resource. Nothing else, perhaps, distinguishes effective executives as much as their tender loving care of time.”

– Peter F. Drucker

Time is the most valuable resource we have – and yet we often squander it by making small mistakes, and telling lies to ourselves.

In my years mentoring and coaching, here are six of the biggest time management lies I’ve found.