Is This The Moment?

After ninety minutes of play the score is tied, and the yelling from the stands is deafening.

With just seconds remaining in the game he takes possession of the ball and finds himself in shooting distance, with only the goalkeeper to beat.

The crowd is on their feet and all the pressure is on him, on this one last chance to score.

In the cacophony of cheering, Andy Gray’s voice rings out:

“Is this the moment!!!”

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Is This The Moment – In Your Life?

I’ve been thinking about that phrase a lot lately.  Is this the moment. When I am faced with a difficult choice, opportunity or feel like giving up I wonder:  Is this the moment that defines the direction my life will take? Is this the moment that will determine success – or the moment where I taste failure?  Will this moment be a moment of weakness – or will it be my finest hour?

When I was younger I remember setting various goals and milestones that I would later achieve such as being valedictorian for my class or performing in front of a crowd with my band.

In many of my goals, there was always one moment that I looked forward to – a single moment where I could absolutely say yes, this is the end and  I can check this off my todo list as “accomplished.”

As I look back on it however, I realize I was mistaken to put so much emphasis on those single isolated moments.  I don’t think those moments actually define who I am or what I did, because my life is not made up of isolated moments that take place months or years apart.

Those moments were important, but only to symbolize the culmination of all my hard work and prior success.  

They are special because they are the end result, but many of the real defining moments came much before that – and passed by without me or anyone else noticing – and it’s important that we also pay attention to those moments and those decisions.

When Faced With Obstacles And Opportunities Ask Yourself: Is This The Moment?

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”
– Colin Powell

Is this the moment. I’ve also been using that phrase a lot lately to push through laziness and procrastination to work towards my goals.

  • When I am working on a software project and want to quit, I ask myself: is this the moment? Is this the turning point where I go on to build something great – or  is this the day I let my opportunity to change the world pass me by?
  • When I know it is time to head to the gym, but am not really motivated to work out, I ask myself: Is this the moment? Is this where I push forth in spite of how I feel, or is this the moment I falter, blame the situation and nothing comes of all my effort?

Many of the biggest successes and moments in my life did not come out of nowhere – they were the result of tiny moments, moments that at the time seemed insignificant – but that in retrospect have made all the difference.  

  • A day that I decided to give away my frying pans on craig’s list.  
  • Books I picked up on a whim at the bookstore due to a friend’s recommendation. 
  • Times where I didn’t feel like taking a chance but did anyway.

The Power of a Single Action

The next time you’re faced with a tough obstacle or an opportunity, and you feel fear, apprehension or just general apathy, here’s another mental trick I use: I start off by imagining my life ten years ago.

I imagine all the little decisions I’ve made and how those seemingly insignificant choices have turned me into the person you are today. 

The chances I took, and the different paths I  could have taken if I had done things just a little differently – the things I may have had an opportunity to do, or the things I may have missed out on.  I give myself some perspective, and realize that this single action I take will today will affect all of my tomorrows.

I don’t know what awaits any of us in the future, but I do know this:  when I  feel like taking the easy way out or pretending I don’t have to make a choice, I hear Andy Gray’s voice in the back of my mind, passionately yelling at me –

“Is this the moment!!!”

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