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Personal Development Plan Template

So, what should you have in your personal development plan template? A good place to start is:

  • Your Dreams
  • Your Values
  • Your Ideal Life
  • Your Ideal Personality
  • Your Goals
  • Your Path To Get There


Your Personal Development Plan Template

Your goals might look like this:

Goal Area One Year Three Year Five Year Ten Year

For each box, answer these questions:

  • What specifically do I want to accomplish?
  • Why?
  • Who can help me?
  • How do I get there? (What actions do I need to take?)

You can get more details about how to fill out this template in my article, How To Create Your Personal Development Plan.

Now…I know a blank page can be intimidating. Lets take a look at a completed example.

Personal Development Plan Template: A Filled Out Example

Your template is going to depend on where you are in your life.

Let’s try one for someone who fits this profile:

  • Recently started their professional career, lets say as an engineer
  • Currently has $50,000  in debt
  • Is earning $35,000 a year
  • Wants to own a home
  • Loves to travel
Goal Area One Year Three Year Five Year Ten Year
Career Hired as Junior Engineer Promoted To Mid Level Engineer Promoted to Engineering Manager Promoted to CIO
Finances  Pay debt down to $45,000  Pay debt down to $0  Have $25,000 Saved  Have $50,000 saved
Physical/Body  Lose 5 pound put on in college  Lose the rest of college weight, back in shape.  Strength train 2x a week and gain 10 pounds of muscle Maintain a healthy body, working out 4-5x a week
Social  Stay in touch with college friends and my parents  Spend time with my partner, and make time for my friends Deepen relationship with my partner and plan our future together.   Attend 10 year high school reunion. Catch up with friends and attend 10 year college reunion
Personal Save up for trip back home to see my parents.  Travel to at least 1 country. Travel to two countries a year. Take a cruise across the Mediterranean.