Why People Procrastinate: Survey Results

“Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.”
– Victor Kiam

The number two reason people procrastinate is not being sure about what to do.

What’s the number one reason? The results might surpise you.

Why People Procrastinate

Last week, I asked you why you procrastinate – and also, why you believe other people procrastinate.

Literally within minutes of publishing the post the responses started pouring in, and after the first few hundred, a pattern quickly started to appear. Even as more responses come in, the numbers are staying consistent.

Remember, the top four reasons were:

  • No Time
  • It’s Just Not Urgent
  • Don’t Feel Like It
  • Not Sure What To Do

What do you think came in at number one?

Let’s take a look at the results:

Procrastination Survey Results

By far, the number one reason people procrastinate is they simply don’t feel like doing the things they need to do.

Nothing else even comes close!

Interestingly though, the results for what you thought was the main reason other people procrastinated were much more evenly split:

I’ll leave it to you to think about what that means =).

Let’s talk about the first graph – and why most people procrastinate.

What The Results Mean

Most interesting to me, is that the results show what I’ve often said: procrastination, and lack of personal productivity, often is not a time management problem, and it’s not really a prioritization problem either.

We know what our priorities are, we have the time to do them, we know what we need to do…and yet, we just don’t feel like doing it.

So it’s not about planning,  time management, juggling your schedule – it’s all about self management.

It’s attitude, energy, mental focus.

As Stephen Covey once said:

‘Time management’ is really a misnomer – the challenge is not to manage time, but to manage ourselves.”

So, as you go about your day – I challenge you to really take notice of your personal mental state.  Do you feel energized and refreshed? Do you feel focused?

Or are you unmotivated, perhaps a little lethargic? The truth is, you can use willpower to some degree to overcome procrastination – but that’s a limited resource.

The only way to totally overcome it when you just “don’t feel like it” is to reprogram your brain, to build a foundation of strong success principles in your life so that even on days you are feeling uninspired, you are able to continue forward on your goals and projects.

One Question Survey

Of course, those results don’t tell us the full story: when you don’t feel like it, why don’t you feel like it? Is it emotion? Is it mental focus? Is it something else altogether?

Let me hear from you – and tell me what you think the reason other people procrastinate is as well.

When you just don’t feel like doing something, what’s the real reason?

Real Procrastination Reason Survey

I would love to hear your feedback, and in the next few days I’ll put together the results and let you know what they are.  Make sure you’re signed up via email, I’ll talk to you again soon.

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