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What is the Point of This Page?

For a long time, I have resisted putting product reviews up.  The reason for this is I dislike it when I am reading a blog and the normal content is interrupted with a product review or pitch.  I do mention products in the context of my writing, but avoid explicit reviews unless I feel the product brings something new and interesting, or where I feel I can run an interesting experiment, such as my review of  TimeSvr versus a dedicated virtual assistant.

The downside of this has been that there have been excellent products and books that I enjoy but refused to to write reviews of, and thus readers never find out about them.  So I’ve decided to try to compromise and review products I enjoy (and possibly some I don’t) and put the reviews out here for anyone who wishes to read them, but keep my RSS feeds and email newsletters article focused.  I will only link to them in relevant articles, or perhaps the week I publish the review, so that interested readers know a new review is available.

My aim is to provide my balanced reviews while maintaining the same high quality content you have come to expect from me.  I never have, and  never will  accept payment for reviews.

If you want more information, or have a product you would like reviewed, please read my product review policy.