Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead – Ebook Review

Reclaim Your Dreams Book Cover

Reclaim Your Dreams
by Jonathan Mead
Inspiration, Motivation, Goals, Dreams

I recently finished Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead.  It is beautifully laid out, written in a friendly conversational style and contains inspirational writing coupled with practical, concrete exercises and points to meditate on.  Before I get to an in depth review of Reclaim Your Dreams however, I want to talk a bit about Jonathan.

Jonathan Mead – Practicing What He Preaches

One thing that I find unsettling about some other authors is that while their writing is inspirational and can spur me to action, I get disillusioned if I later find they are not following their own advice.  Jonathan lives what he writes about. When he talks about making big changes in your life, it’s not just theory – he has lived through addictions to smoking, alcohol, and cocaine.

Jonathan’s life is not some fairy tale get quick rich, turn-your-life-around-in-an-instant story however.  Jonathan’s climb out of that hole, and to the point where he is today is the story of decisive action, and incremental progress.  He has faltered and picked himself back up to find his true calling – using his words and creativity to enrich the life of others, and provide practical advice that he himself has used to get to where he is today.

Recently, Jonathan was able to leave his “day job” after years of working to build a reputation online.  He is dedicated to his craft, dedicated to the truth, and someone I have had the pleasure of knowing personally.  He is the real deal, and is living proof that you can Reclaim Your Dreams.

“You can always choose a new path.
Your path might be littered with obstacles, but it’s those challenges that define your character.
Those challenges are opportunities in disguise.
They are there to test your strength and your faith.
It’s in those moments that we see our light truly shine.”
– Jonathan Mead

The reason I mention all this background up front is none of it is mentioned in the book. The book is straightforward, to the point and written to help the reader.  I feel however, that knowing this advice has been applied and delivered results is worth knowing up front.

Summary – What’s In Reclaim Your Dreams

In the preface Jonathan lays out how the book is organized.  Reclaim your Dreams is a two -part ebook, with each section containing three and five chapters respectively.

  • Part 1 – Unbrainwashing: Creating Room For Your Dreams to Grow. In this part, Jonathan discusses how to overcome the mental obstacles to living your dreams – removing all the clutter and creating room for authentic endeavors.  I enjoyed this portion the most, and came away feeling very motivated and inspired.  This section is divided into three chapters:
    • Reclaim Ownership of your Mind
    • Stop Caring
    • Undomesticate Yourself
  • Part 2 – Manifestation: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality.  In this section, Jonathan discusses figuring out what your dreams really are, and provides practical tools and solutions to find out what matters most to you -and what makes you come alive.  Jonathan describes it like this:

    “If Part 1 was about pulling all the weeds and making room for your dreams, Part 2 is about figuring out what you want to plant there and giving you the tools to make those dreams grow and thrive.”

    This section is divided into five chapters:

    • Define Your Dreams
    • Overcoming Uncertainty
    • Reclaiming Ownership of Your Time
    • Creating Love Money
    • Three Things You Need To Know

I love the chapter titles. They’re clever, succinct and each chapter delivers exactly as promised.  The one that may sound out of place is “Creating Love Money.”  In that chapter, Jonathan discusses the difficult chicken and egg problem entrepreneurs and would-be lifestyle designers face – you want to make money doing what you love, but you need to keep a day job to finance yourself until your true passion starts bringing in sufficient income.

My Favorite Inspirational Quotes from Reclaim Your Dreams

I have really enjoyed reading and applying strategies in my life from Reclaim your Dreams.  Rather than walk through step by step what I enjoyed about it, I’m going to let Jonathan’s voice and the advice in Reclaim Your Dreamsspeak for itself.  Here are some of my favorite quotes.

“This is a treatise on freedom.  This is a permission slip to be ridiculous.”

“Usually the best things in life are not a means to an end.”

“The first step to reclaiming the ownership of your mind is realizing that your true identity has been compromised.

“Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem.

“Go Directly to Happiness (Do Not Pass Go)”

“You can always find a way to be productive. But is the purpose of living to simply get things done? If you’re living this way, you’ve lost sight of the point of being productive in the first place: to create more time for the things you love.”

“It’s easy to go through life following the rules and the path that has already been taken.”

“On your deathbed, you’re probably not going to be grateful you kept that steady soul-sucking job.”

“Reclaim your authenticity. Don’t follow the pre-made template of existence if it’s not bringing you happiness.”

“Limits are those little annoying pests that keep you from living the life you really want.”

“We no longer have to toil in farms and factories for the larger part of sunlight.  We have an amazing gift to even have the opportunity to pursue our dreams.  To squander that is a crime against yourself.”


Reclaim your Dreams is not for everyone.  Some people are satisfied with the lives they have, and believe they are making sufficient progress towards goals, and spend sufficient time on their dreams.  For those of us who need a wake up call, and inspiration paired with solid practical advice – advice that has a proven track record, both with Jonathan and the students he coaches – and concrete workbook exercises, Reclaim your Dreams is an excellent read that delivers exactly what is promised.  I got more out of it’s 84 pages than I have from books twice as long.

Bonus Free Sample Chapter

I don’t know how long this will last, but I recently noticed Jonathan is offering a free chapter to give you a taste of what’s in the book.  You don’t have to provide any information, there is a PDF you can download directly from the informational page about Reclaim your Dreams. Out of courtesy for Jonathan I will not link directly to the PDF, but if you to scroll to the bottom of his page about Reclaim Your Dreams, you’ll find a sample chapter linked there below. You don’t have to purchase the book, but I believe you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this free gift.