Subnotebook Comparison (TimeSvr Task)

Note: This page is provided as a reference for the quality of TimeSvr completed tasks, in regards to my  TimeSvr review versus virtual assistants.

Update: Some people have asked for the actual requests I sent to receive these results.  I have included the task request below.

TimeSvr Task Result:

Dear Sid,

Sorry for replying so late but I had to look at a lot of websites to complete this task. At the bottom you will find some of the most referred websites, I have compiled a list of 9 best of the best sub-notebooks the market has to offer. I have listed the details in the Excel spreadsheet attached [Side Note: Here is the Google Spreadsheet of the file they sent me]. You will be able to read reviews and information about these sub-note books in the given links. Also you will find links to online retailers of these Sub Notebooks.

Referred Websites :




(4) (Reviews)

Online Notebook Shopping :

Sony And Hp Go to :

Dell go to :

Msi Wind :–292548_MSI_Wind_U100_N270_1_6_GHz_1_GB_80_GB_10_Laptop

G Net book MESO :

I hope this information is useful and If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know :-)

Task Request:

Please research the various “sub notebooks” as I want to buy one shortly.

My main concerns are battery life, RAM.  I am looking for something that is under $600, has at least 2 gig hard drive space, at least 1 gig RAM, and battery of minimum 3 hours.  If it is close, you can still include it for comparisons on the final spreadsheet.

I live in Honolulu, HI. Zip code is 96821.

I want to know the following specs:

Cost (plus shipping to Hawaii, if you find from a merchant for sale)
Hard Drive Size?
Battery Life
Screen Size (inches)
Screen Size (resolution)
VGA Port?
USB Ports?
What is the operating system? XP, Linux, etc?
Is the keyboard “good”? This may require finding out from reviews.
Is it (the laptop) already released?

I am most interested in these specific ones:

Asus EEE PC, Dell Inspiron 910, Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind.

If you could return them to me in a spreadsheet (.CSV or .XLS file is fine) that would be ideal. Please make the rows the fields I have specified above, and the columns the various subnotebook laptops

I believe that Wikipedia has a page with much of this information also, but there are holes in it.

Also, please include all the URLs for your research.