The Universe Is Apathetic

The universe is apathetic.

It does not care if your life is easy, or difficult. It does not care whether you choose to persist, or choose to give up on your dreams.

It will not fight you or keep you down.

It will not help you and pick you up.

Whether you fail or succeed, the sun will set, the sun will rise, and the universe will remain unconcerned.  

However, The Fact Is….

You were born with gifts unavailable to anyone else.

You have the power to do things that nobody else can do, because nobody else possesses your rare combination of abilities – and nobody else will come across the same opportunities you will.

Through the years by a combination of luck, training, and living your life you have gained knowledge, perspective, talents and strengths that you take for granted every day.

Knowledge, talents and strength that you may choose to use or squander on the amazing opportunities in front of you.

And whether you grasp them or not would the universe care?

No – the universe is apathetic.

But you can choose.

Do you want to be disinterested in your own life – or will you  choose to care?

I Am Not Apathetic

I am not apathetic. I care.

I care if I fail, if I succeed. I care about whether I live up to my potential.

And while the universe may act unnafected, and because of its infinite size appear intimidating –  I am actually more powerful than the universe. 

Because I know that by exercising my talents, not only will I be personally fulfilled – but I will also enrich, impact and improve the lives of others.

I will improve the world.

I will leave a positive impact on the people whose lives I affect.

And in turn, I will change the universe. I will improve the universe.  I will leave the universe better off than when I found it – whether the universe cares or not.

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What Am I Speaking About?

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Adapted from Sid’s Journal Entries. This is the song I was listening to a lot when I wrote this.

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