Every Minute Has to Have a Job: Time Is Too Valuable to “Take Days Off”

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if I take “time off” in December.

The truth is…Yes And No.

I never really just let time pass.

I’m either “on” working on my goals, or I’m “on” doing things that may not be “productive” but just make my life better.

It could be relaxing. It could be enjoying time with family, or I might be “on” with new experiences – whether that’s something exotic like travel, or just new to me like reading.

But I try not to take days “off” where I just let them slide, with no idea where the day went.

In financial planning, I always try to give every dollar a job.

Some dollars go to my future. Some dollars go to taking care of my day to day needs like housing, food, etc. And some dollars go towards having a good time.

I feel the same way about time.

Every minute has to have a job.

That “job” doesn’t have to be “something super difficult and productive.”

Sometimes that “job” is time to sleep. Lately, most of my minutes have a “job” of spending time with friends and family – especially those that have traveled to come home.

So I’d encourage you, as you look back on this year, maybe reframe it as not ime you’re taking “off” – but time that you’re giving a different job.

A job of filling you with joy and gratitude.

Or perhaps the job of relaxing and renewal.

Really valuing my time, and having that be a part of who I am has made me so much more effective, so much more efficient…

And at the same time, so much more relaxed and happier.

It’s not an “either or” type of change in my life. It’s a “yes and” type of change – it benefited me in my career and personal projects, without causing sacrifice in time just enjoying myself.

The bottom line is – life is too short.  It’s too precious to let days slip by and not know what happened.

I don’t  have a day to waste. I don’t even have minutes to “waste.”

And neither do you.

 “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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