You Are The Something You’ve Been Waiting For

“One of the illusions of life is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive hour.
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
No man has learned anything rightly, until he knows that every day is Doomsday.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you know what the most common question I get in Ask Sid is?

 It’s not what you might think – motivation, time management, procrastination.

The most common question I find is actually particular breed of question, and it goes a little something like this:

I want to (do something very important to me),
but (I am waiting for something to happen).  
How can I (make progress on the thing I really want to do)?

Have you ever felt that way yourself? And if you have wondered how to solve that problem…would you like to know the answer?  

What Are You Waiting For…

You might be in a place in your life right now, where you’re “almost ready” to make a change – but you’re not quite there yet. And like many of my clients, you might think that the right approach now is to wait, because waiting seems to be risk free – but it’s not

There is a real danger in waiting – because waiting for “something” wastes your time

Here’s the thing – when you wait, you’re not just “doing nothing.” It’s not a free pass with no cost.

What you’re actually doing is hitting the fast forward button on your life.  The cost of waiting is….

Skipping Days – And Letting Life Slip Away

The cost of waiting is that you are literally sacrificing some of the best days of your life.

When you wait for the right time in your life, you’re saying “let’s skip today and tomorrow, and maybe a few days after that…and THEN see if I’m ready to begin.”

When you wait, you hit fast forward to get to the future, but there’s no rewind – once you lose that time, and lose that opportunity for action – it’s gone forever.

Today, you’ve got 24 hours sitting in the palm of your hand, you have infinite possibilities that you can move forward on

And yet…so often instead we say, let’s just wait.

  • One more day.
  • One more week.
  • Until the kids are grown up 
  • Until we have more money

Because we think there’s a “right” moment to begin, as if all the stress and obligations in your life will melt away…and it’ll finally be just right, the exact “right” time to begin

But here’s the truth…

The Truth About Waiting

“… if we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.”
– Ivan Turgenev

There is no “right” moment waiting out there for you tomorrow or someday.

This is your right moment.  

The most perfect moment to begin is not some moment that might be coming “someday”

The most perfect moment to begin is the chance you have in front of you – right now.

Get over the belief that you have to wait for “something” outside of you to take the first step in changing your life

All you need to do is feel a desire inside that this is the right time for you.

All this time, you have thought that the moment was “something” – but really, all this time

You are the something you have been waiting for.

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