About Sid Savara

If you’re here, then you probably already know that I am a productivity zealot, time management nerd – and a total life hacking fanatic.

The way I’ve improved my body (from skinny-fat to fit), social skills (from nerdy introvert to enjoying life with friends…while still deep down being a nerdy introvert) and advanced my career (with no shortcuts through friends and family)  is through this simple, straightforward approach:

Studying what successful people do, identifying the key techniques and strategies, and then doing those things one at a time.

So Who Is Sid Savara

Let me give it to you in the third person…

Sid Savara is the creator of The Action Solution and The Outsource Solution.  Over the past decade he has helped thousands of people improve their lives – including entrepreneurs, doctors, surgeons and folks picking themselves back up while living in their parents’ basement.

Sid has been cited and mentioned on CBS, Inc., Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and The Washington Post.

After spending time in Europe, Asia and North America, Sid currently resides in no continent at all in Hawai’i with his family.

He is a life-long learner and in his free time enjoys developing software, playing guitar and watching football and basketball.

Why I Started Writing

The reason I started writing here was because I was tired of seeing people writing (and spreading) flat our wrong advice online.

Advice that sounds good on paper, that makes people feel warm and tingly inside – and then doesn’t work.

I got so frustrated of seeing people follow what I knew was bad advice, and then fail – just as I had followed bad advice and failed in the past.

So I began to write and share what I had learned from trying, succeeding….and failing over the years.

And something amazing happened.

People started to try out the advice I was giving and started to see real results.

Now in the years since I started writing, literally tens of thousands of readers just like you have gone through my courses.

Hundreds have written in pouring in their thanks, letters of testimonial – and perhaps the best of all, have told their friends about my writing.

I love accomplishing my goals – to me, accomplishing your goals is about the closest to a magic bullet for getting exactly what you want in life.

I think everyone should have the opportunity to do what they love, contribute to the world, and live a life of freedom to do what they desire.

That’s what drives me, and why I write for you.


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