Value Your Time

“Value your time.  Master the science of personal achievement and live the best life you can.”

– Sid Savara

We all have a limited number of days to achieve the things we want in our lives

Because of that, success requires not just planning: but effectiveness, motivation and a sense of urgency.

Two decades ago I began researching what truly set remarkably successful people apart.

I share what I’ve learned on this website, and I continue to study research papers, behavioral psychology and learning all I can.

7 Reasons Good People Fail

Did you know 92% of people fail every year?

During my research I’ve discovered that 92% of people fail to accomplish their goals every year.

Worse, fully 25% of them give up within the first week.

I’ve discovered 7 reasons why.

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Latest Articles

Today Is Your Golden Ticket -

Sunset Ocean

Ever have one of those days where you wake up, and the whole day you just can't get your mind off an event that night? This is a story about one of those days.

All day I waited - waited and watched the time tick by; waited for 8 p.m.


The usher scans my ticket and I walk in - up the stairs, to the balcony, row L, seat 15.

My heart is pounding, and everyone in the arena is sitting on the edge of their seat, their eyes focused with anticipation at the piano on stage.  It's almost showtime.

Suddenly the lights go down - and the whole place erupts in cheers.

Choosing Your Own Life’s Adventure -
"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live." - Norman Cousins
Do you know the biggest regret people have when they die? According to my research, it's this:
"I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me." - Top 5 Life Regrets ofTthe Dying
I have thought a lot about that since I first discovered it.  I often spend time reflecting  and wondering - have I made the most of my time? If I had to do the past month or year over...what would I do differently? And of course, now:  have I been living a life true to myself - or am I living the life expected of me?  Perhaps you've wondered the same thing yourself. I don't have all the answers to living a fulfilling life true to yourself - but I do believe that choosing your own life's adventure is one of the keys.
Life Regrets Of The Dying – How To Live Life With No Regrets -

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time;
It is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.
- Sydney Smith

What do you think goes through people's minds as they lay on their deathbeds?

What do you think they wish they had done, or hadn't done?

A nurse who cared for the dying recently shared her experience - and the regrets her patients had during the last few weeks she shared of their lives.  It really made me think about my own life, what I might regret in the future - and maybe different actions I could take today.

Here's a list of the five most common regrets her patients had:

Stop Waiting For Your Life To Begin -

"How much of human life is lost in waiting."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Question: Do you know how much time the average adult spends waiting every day?  

Answer: A quick Google search (what I would say in contemporary times now qualifies as "research") reveals the answer as 45 to 62 minutes waiting everyday.

But you know what? The "average" doesn't matter. What does matter is how much time you spend waiting - and the only way to get that answer is to employ the powerful tool of a time log.

That's small potatoes though compared to what we're going to talk about today. So grab your swimming cap and hold your nose - because we're going in deep.

The Slam Poet’s Productivity Technique That Will Change Your Life -

For about 5 seconds, there is total silence, as we absorb the words, meaning and emotion and soak in the experience...

Then the entire theater breaks out in thunderous applause and yelling as I leap out of my seat slapping my palms together high above my head.

The poet takes a bow and drifts stage left while artists paint scenes from Hawaii behind her, and the resident DJ turns up the music.

Kealoha, a nationally ranked slam poet himself, is the emcee.  He jumps on stage and hugs her before taking the microphone from her hands.

Brushing his long hair from his eyes, Kealoha steps into the spotlight and calls out to the audience.

"That was Bridget Gray everyone," Kealoha's voice rings out , "make some nooo-oooise."

The pulsing crowd goes wild again, filling the whole room with energy that the poets feed off of.

"Keep the love going, coming on stage we have Dar'ron - and waiting in the wings is Jess Kroll.  Jess Kroll, you are up next.  Dar'ron, coming to the stage."

And just like that, it was Dar'ron's turn.

92% of people will fail to reach their goals every year. It doesn't have to be that way. Get the free report: 7 reasons people fail.