The “Wanting” Life

Looking Out Into The Ocean

“Care about what other people think
and you will always be their prisoner.”
Lao Tzu

What do you think your life would be like….if you only chased after what you really, truly wanted?

Instead of what you think you should want? Let’s imagine this (maybe you’ve felt this way before)….

You’re looking at pictures and updates from your friends, seeing what they did this weekend –

  • Sitting around a fireplace laughing
  • Sipping tropical drinks on the beach
  • Cooking in their fancy kitchen
  • Climbing mountains

And you think to yourself – “I want to do that”

But do you really?

Or is there something else in the pictures you REALLY want?

You Can Break The Limits You’ve Placed On Yourself


Train the elephant while he is young, for he will never forget. At least, that’s how this story goes that I heard in India.

When an elephant is very young and small, their trainer ties them to a tree with a thick rope.

The baby elephant struggles and struggles – but is not strong enough.

Soon the elephant learns that his strength is no match for the rope.

He accepts his faith, gives up – and gets used to the idea that this rope can hold him.

As the elephant grows, even a simple string is enough to hold him without resistance.  He dares not struggle, remembering the rope that he could not break many years ago.

Though the string has no chance of holding the elephant, he does not realize that: he has convinced himself that it is stronger than him, and he never even tries.

For many people, the failure from past events is what they remember.  The memory of weakness, of not being strong enough stops them from even attempting to overcome challenges in their lives, even though their strength is much stronger now.

They never forget – and just like the elephant who will not try to break the string, they shy away from challenges in their lives that they could overcome – if they would only try.

The Personal Time Horizons


“The Future starts today, not tomorrow”
– Pope John Paul II

Last week I woke up in a cold sweat.  It was the middle of the night, and I should have been exhausted: but I was too excited, and I had to write down what I had just dreamt.

In my dream, I was talking to a friend about how far we had come in our live – and the approaches to life that had gotten us there.

This model of time is so simple, and once you use it in your life you’ll see why you’ve failed or succeeded in managing your own time.

Unconsciously, I’ve been applying it to goal setting and teaching it to clients for years.

And today, I am going to share it with you.

Are You Feeling Lucky? It May Just Make You Feel More Appreciative

I‘m flying down the freeway in my rental, the cool crisp Chicago breeze blowing in my window – and man am I in a foul mood.

I’m only 5 minutes away but I can’t wait to get home.

It’s cold, I’m hungry, I’m flipping through the stations and nothing I like is on the radio.

A long day of errands and rainy weather has left me soaking wet and beat.

All I want to do is get out of these clothes and into a hot shower.

I flip through the stations for what feels like the hundredth time when suddenly …..I hear a familiar guitar riff and my eyes lights up.

In an instant, my whole mood changes…

You Are Not Limited By What You Did Yesterday

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
–George Eliot

I love to read, but more than that, I love to share wisdom and inspiration that I find.

When I find something especially good, I can barely contain my excitement.

I send entire passages to friends – whether by text, email, or even taking a picture and sending it out.

Inspiration is a funny thing: when something moves you, when something strikes just the right chord, in that moment everything can change.

That’s why, today, I am excited to share this passage with you.

If you’ve been a friend or reader of mine for a few years you may recognize it: I first came across is three years ago.

The 10 Minute Difference Between Stress and Happiness

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness.

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”
Charles Dickens

Imagine a day in my life, a few years ago….

Brrrinngg!!! The alarm snaps me awake, but do I get up? No! Hit the snooze and lay in bed. Just a few minutes more…

The alarm goes off again – and now I know I absolutely have to get up.

I scarf down my breakfast as I try to juggle priorities in my head. Why? Because this is no time to look at my todo list – I know I’m already behind schedule!

I run out the door to head to a meeting – and in my rush forget something important. Only…I don’t realize it until I’m well on my way.

When I finally notice my mistake, I have to make a decision:  do I go back for it and end up even further behind? Or do I accept it and deal with the fallout of being ill prepared?

I haven’t even started my day yet – and I’m already behind.