The Ultimate Productivity System

Tired of complicated, long winded productivity systems that end up wasting your time – and leaving you more confused? I’ve been there.  Too often you’ve probably seen it yourself – you or someone close to you is trying to improve their life, get organized, and instead they get bogged down in some complicated system.

I’ve seen people start out with good intentions, but then get stuck spending more time maintaining their system than actually doing their tasks.

If there is one secret to really accomplishing what you desire, it is this:

Do Something That Matters.

The Steps In The Ultimate Productivity System

  1. Do Something That Matters. Need help with figuring out what matters to you?  We cover it early on in personal development 101, sign up free!
  2. If You’re Motivated –  Keep working. (Check out my tips on getting motivated)
  3. If You’re Tired – Take a break.
  4. When You’re Satisfied – You’re done for the day!

Now I know this seems simple, but the truth is this:

The aim of all productivity systems is to cut through the haze of your tasks, and get you to focus on the most important task that you can do right now.

So, if your productivity system, isn’t helping you focus on what’s most important to you, it’s failing at it’s job.

Sometimes we overcomplicate things, and need to just get back to the basics.

Do Something That Matters.

I was reading The Dojo by Jonathan Mead recently, and was inspired to put this together. The Dojo is a guide about focusing on what matters.  Right now you can get a free chapter, and it’s amazing. You don’t have to sign up or purchase anything, just head over to The Dojo and download it.

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