Are You In Or Are You Out?

This is from Sid’s Journal Entries.

Half hearted attempts will only get you 10% of the results.

It takes you…

  • 40% of effort just to maintain
  • 50% of effort gets you 10% beyond where you were

100% of effort is the only way to make real progress

Are You In Or Are You Out?

If you are 50% in,
you are already 50% out.

If you are 70% in,
you are wasting your time and might as well leave.

If you are 90% in,
you will second guess yourself when it matters most.

If you are 99% in,
you will always be second best.
(And in today’s connected, competitive world …
that translates to being second rate)

You’ve GOT To Be 100% In

You’ve got to be. It’s in or out – there is no “sort of.”

There is too much opportunity, and too much competition to settle for anything than giving your best at what you do best.

So ask yourself again, and really think hard before you answer.

Are you really in – or are you out?

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